Taste Guru: a Gluten Free Subscription Box Company!

Gluten Free Subscription Box

I just heard about an awesome subsciption box plan: Taste Guru which offers a monthly box of gluten free goodies.

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First of all, I have to admit to you all that I’ve never tried this (or any subscription box at all!), but I think it’s genius and I am totoally signing up for it. As someone who is very sensitive to gluten (but also on a budget!) I can’t justify buying full size packages of gluten free products at the grocery store because they are SO expensive, and I never know if I will like them or not! Well, Taste Guru offers pre-screened gluten free goodies (so they’re more likely to taste good!) and sends them to your door for you to try for as low as $25/month or as much as $34 (which is still not bad at less than $10/week!). You can cancel your boxes at any time of you’re displeased, and they’re currently offering my readers two months free when you sign up with this link (but you still have to pay the shipping costs, which annoys me, I won’t lie). Two months for $24 is not that bad though. Let me know if you try it out! I will post again when I’ve received mine to let you know what I think.